Thursday, August 04, 2005

whites just can't give it up

I recently saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. A little 420 and I laughed my ass off. The scenes were so absurd. I'm going to go see it again just to see if the absurdity can withstand several viewings. But after a few days I was struck with a realization. This movie was made by white folks and the story envolves a white chocolate factory owner traveling to distant lands and finding out that the little dark skinned "primitive" people will work for "peanuts" in this case chocolate. I suppose every culture wants to feel superior and just can't help having such an outlook. But since we don't really have a recorded history of such worldwide colonization as we have with the white people and well, I guess we'll never know. Since light skinned peoples in this round of history got the upper hand and got to write history all of our stories revolve around our superiority at a subconscious level. No one even questions this. This is just how it is, after all we are superior after all! It would be interesting to see if any other racial reviewers will point this out. Otherwise, like I said the movie is totally absurd and good for many laughs. Enjoy.