Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Apartment T

More evidence on my proclomation that Osama Bin Laden has an apartment in the basement of the pentagon. This article about drug lords running the biz from prision.
Then of course you have to read this article once you see that they were using pictures of Teletubbies on the cocaine shipments >>

1984 should be required reading for everyone. Or if you want something more flat out horror-juicy, dripping conspiriacy like a tree ripe peach at an adolescent femme fatal's mouth... check it out

Strap on your guns low lifes, were going to see the spiraling in of humanity's adolescent pimple poppin' transformation into?

Saturday, September 17, 2005

we are a force of nature

Humans are part of the life of the planet, just as we are! Everything that we are, in this moment is a part of the life plan. What most of history and organized dead religion has been trying to erase is the fact that we are simply another thread in the web of creation. Just like hurricanes and tsunamis or asteriods or super novas, the human race is what it is because life made us this way. Of course this doens't mean we shouldn't try and change it just means a trajectory was cast and inertia keeps it going. We may actually destroy ourselves and most of the other species that share the planet. And so what. It's no different than an asteriod doing the deed. Currently humans are not conscious, as much as we like to think we are we're just not. Otherwise the world would be a better place than it is. The only difference between us and the asteriod is we do have the possibility to dance with our destiny and influence our trajectory so that maybe we don't all immolate ourselves on the greedy fear thats currently running the planet. But I reiterate, the panet knew what it was doing when it created us. This is the end times not because it is written by God but because of the natural progression of cycles. Enjoy the ride...

Thursday, September 15, 2005

the upper crust

I mentioned in an earlier post the homogeneous nature of Boulder, Co being a very white town and was wondering how that played into the niceness of the people? I work as a cashier at a central, big chain natural food store so I interact with a large cross section of the Boulder population. Like I said, mostly white, upper middle class. All the college kids are back and they've got plastic to swipe. In fact, I'd say 90% of the college age crowd pays with credit cards exclusively. Quite a few high school kids also pay with credit cards. One of my jaded views from many years ago is that morals are a luxury. It's easy to judge the looters in New Orleans from my comfortable couch with my french bread and olive tapanade. Its easy to judge "those people" whilst munching on New York Cheddar Cheese Kettle Chips and sippin' Australian wine. From this place I notice it's rich people who bring their own bags back to the grocery store. I went to a big name main stream chain grocery store on the outer fringe of Boulder to get some coffee filters and had them put in one of their cheap flimsy main stream grocery bags. I noticed that I felt like a street person carrying that bag. No one ever brings such a thing as that back into the upper scale natural food store I work in. I never had this feeling in LA but here in Boulder you're either part of the upper crust or you really stand out. It's better to have an old backpack than a cheap plastic bag. And of course if the backpack is old it means that you've been environmentally hip for a long time, duh! Even the street people here are rich! There is this old dirty guy that always hangs out on a adult tricycle, which seems pretty new by the way, with a dirty cardboard sign stating he's a veteran and needs help. I see him on the pedestrian mall talking on his cell phone! I don't even have a cell phone. Who's he calling? other cell phone toting mendicants about the best places to bum change? So what am I saying here? I'm saying Boulder, Co is the happiest place I've seen and I think this is the pinnacle of modern western civilization in terms of privledge. People here have embraced the best of the modern technological world and they have tons of free time to be environmental activists, or yogis, or triathletes, scientists, left wing super moral dilettante, in fact it's expected. It's your duty to be passionate about your slice of sweet reality. This is the place where everyone takes it for granted that life is good and from a quantum field of possibility outlook this is the karmic reward in this life as an experience, just an experience to be tasted, enjoyed, fully as the other end of the spectrum so that we can know that there is something more than this...

Friday, September 02, 2005

the planet is bigger than man

As sad as the loss of life and property is in New Orleans, really, is anybody suprised. Another fine example of human arrogance. If you build a city no matter what size BELOW sea level in a hurricane prone region, the consequences are obvious. Maybe not in 20 years, maybe not in 50 or 100 or even 300 but at some point a big enough storm will delineate the difference between human and planet. We never have and we never will be able to control the planet. Most people live in denial (myself included). It's not wrong, its a way to deal with the uncertainty of life which is ever present. No matter how much money was spent by the city of New Orleans there still would have been massive destruction. The mayor of New Orleans is simply pointing the finger at the US government. Then on a radio interview from the BBC website he goes and spouts some lame christian rethoric about how the people not helping would be in deep trouble with god. Uh, excuse me but where was God during the storm? Maybe God destroyed New Orleans like Sodom and Gamorah! Actually, just like I said before there isn't any Messiah because we don't need saving. Everything is happening just as it should. We were created in the image of God, which means we are creative spirit beings having a physical experience with the option to create heaven or hell on earth. So far we've got the hell part down pretty good. It remains to be seen if we'll get the heaven part down. I'm willing to take responsibility for my part of the hell equation. And I'm the first to say I don't have an answer. Its just my observation I'm offering here.