Friday, April 13, 2007

Teeth, you got to love them

The thought hit me today about which tooth I'd first lose to old age. Being 46 and not having lost any teeth, wisdom teeth not withstanding I've decided number 16 (standard tooth numbering) or the upper left side third molar. Having recently replaced a large 20 year old amalgam filling with a casting, the dentist didn't get the gap right so now food gets caught in between which will hasten it's demise. I admit to taking my teeth for granted in the past but this new gap is a constant reminder to floss. I can now never totally forget about my teeth. a little portion of my brain is now cordoned off to remember this gap and the possible food stuck there. It reminds me to floss it out and that's it's function. one less slice of brain power to solve the worlds ills or even be nice to someone. Anyway this all reminds me of a poem I wrote once...

from across the channel she came from
with teeth as craggy as they come
but oh to me such sweet delight
as I would kiss her every night
being french, I could eat it all
including that within her maw
my tongue would probe each crack and crevice
looking for any little piece of lettuce
alas as all good things must come to an end
poor hygiene, her teeth, did in
so on we moved to tropic climes
with molds and fungus and a little slime
which grew abundantly between her toes
and of course I switched to sucking those...

Rainbow starts my journey

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Believe it or not I'm taking a break from Hawaii. Not so much Hawaii, the most amazing water on the planet and extreme beauty but a break from the Dragonfly Ranch, a vortex of chaos in on otherwise sea of tranquility. don't get me wrong the dfly can be a wonderful place but the captain of the boat has a habit of driving the thing into the rocks (metaphor) so for someone who wants to sail always pulling the boat off of the rocks gets boring after a while. Life can be interesting on the rocks. The itinerant vacationing guests arrive not knowing that we're on the rocks just that we're in a beautiful spot with just enough magic to make their week stay a success. Meanwhile the crew is down below patching holes as fast as they can so the place doesn't go under.