Friday, July 22, 2005

Personal protection revolution

Ever find yourself wondering how can I own a self protection device without compromising my soft persona? Well wonder no more. Introducing the Bludgeon Bunny. The Bludgeon Bunny is a revolution in personal protection. Soft and furry on the outside but harder than a sex offenders zygomaticofacial foramen on the inside. The Bludgeon Bunny has 5 lbs of cold hard steel cloaked in the most adorable little Oryctolagus cuniculus you've ever seen.. Your attacker won't believe what hit them! The Stungeon Bunny adds 50,000 volts of flesh gelatinising electricity to the mix leaving the would be assailiant a quivering bag of water at the mercy of your chilhood anger (HA!). The delux models eyes light up red upon impact and the Bludgeon Bunny emits a shrieking "DIE MOTHERF*&#ER" to let your aggressor know you're no schlemiel! Check them out at and tell them r a n d o m sent you for a 10% discount.

Happy Bludgeoning!

r a n d o m