Monday, July 25, 2005

God's orgasmatron or no reason to panic

That's right, the sperm must be shot before the baby is born. Hey baby, looking for a little space sugar? Explosions, male outward energy, thats what this universe is built on in conjuction with the female, receptive space, as a container for the explosions. So nothing, I mean nothing in this universe is meant to last. Its an ongoing, ever changing spiraling in and spiraling out, expansions and contractions. So the big bang was simply the ultimate switch point from the ultimate contraction back torwards the expansion. Which brings me to the currant Human situation on this planet. A lot of people are worried about the future of the planet and especially the human race. Well, what a waste of time. We're not meant to last anymore than the dinosaurs or any other life forms (study the geologic history of this planet and the mass extinctions). Think of flowers. Extrodinarily beautiful and singularly fleeting. The human race has yet to flower. We're spiraling in, contracting, speeding up, 6 billion people, made possible by cheating (or so it seems) natural laws (advent of agriculture) in a fantasmagorical, industrial light and magic life force masturbation towards an ejaculation to seed the birth of a new human. The womb receving the phallus is the inborn potential of the precious human birth as a gift from the God source. We're not in control and we're living the culmination of the orginal programing. And the programing for this level of exsistince is orgasmic, explosive and dramatic. It's not important that we save the planet or the human race. The important thing for our own souls is the choices we make to Not kill one another, Not exploit other creatures, Not to embrace destruction and move onward and upward into more harmony and light. The orgasm is going to happen. It may not be pretty (tsunamis, disease, war, famine) but thats what we signed up for. We're baby creator beings whose best side comes out when we have a problem to solve. We've created quite a problem for ourselves to test our creative problem solving capacity. There are no more new frontiers to conquer. No more wide open spaces to pioneer and colonize. We're all in this together now. We always were but now with a shrinking planet and resources its more clearly evident.

rock hard

That's right, those ice age peeps were getting down and messin' 'round. 28,000 year old phallus was found in Germany, unearthed in a cave of all places, the womb of mother earth. Seems it was also used as a tool to "knap" or split flints. Gives new meaning to the phrase "in like flint" Which seems to be associated with sex at least when ever I've heard it used. Rumor has it that big name porn publisher is paying big name hotel heir to make a safe sex promo ad with the old stone penis.