Wednesday, July 27, 2005

in case you missed it!

That's right, what he said. Who said? Sweet Jesus! Their ain't gonna be no messiah. We don't need saving. The horrible suffering unleased on that day, makes my mind implode!! The crucifixion of Jesus caused more suffering that just about anything. Of course the dirty little monkeys probably would have fought anyway. And so what. The sad shame is that organized religion was a way for the smarter monkeys to control the wild neandertal traits of the dumber monkeys. And you know what, thank god, some of those dumb wild motherf&%*ers are controlled through guilt. Otherwise the human race wouldn't have made it this far. In the mean time many a sorry sack o shit could rise to the top under the nose of the king and swing the poor bastards into war or just giving the fat of the land in service to their future salvation through the only other power channel besides royal birth. Holy crack'a'toli!! The works that I do shall ye do also; and greater works than these shall ye do. invoke ye there fore the christ principle. now. Now is the time in history of which Christ spoke. We are to realize our divinity of the cosmic fire at the center of each of our very cells. Read the Tao of Physics to learn how scientists are becoming mystics because the ultimate nature of reality is just simply unexplainable by any terms. To the physicists, reality is an illusion. To enlightened sages of wiser yugas reality is maya. All great mystics can not relay to us the pure potential of the creative power of unmanifest potential. If we knew how that potential became manifest we'd be Gods ourselves. Ascended masters perhaps know this. Perhaps as a soul group, we will learn this and temporaraly manifest a heaven on earth just for the lesson but not as anything permanent as nothing on this level of exsistience is meant to last.