Saturday, July 23, 2005

hot read!

Ok all you unemployed or otherwise disgruntled "hate to follow the rules" types who still want to be successful without all the brown nosing and other distasteful heart rending concessions. Bitch Slap Your Way To The Top, the new book by Bob Wackett is the first real alternative to the "good old boys club" school of success. Of course just bitch slapping without a proven strategy is also likely to end in failure. Bitch Slap Your Way To The Top emphasizes a coup d'├ętat approach so you gain maximum power from fewer strokes. Includes a section on proper bitch slap technique (commitment and follow through are key) as well as real life success stories from those at the forefront of the Bitch Slap phenomenon. This book is not about violent take overs. There is a chapter on anger management and exercises to clarify your mind so that often just the threat of a bitch slap in the ethers is enough to ensure you get your way. Bitch Slap Your Way To The Top is indispensable reading for anyone on the career up swing.