Friday, July 27, 2007

E. Coli be gone

Who knew there was anybody with fears of spreading E. Coli bacteria. For those of you with this fear, here is a handy device to assuage those fears. The infrared paper towel dispenser from Actually I'm finding motion activated devices everywhere these days. I for one appreciate the hands free action in public bathrooms where only God knows who has touched the paper towel handle. But to have there fears in your own kitchen is a little paranoid to say the least. Most likely the fear is just an excuse to purchase something else as a bored upper middle class housewife with a shopping addiction. Stuff, stuff, stuff!!! I'm surrounded by stuff. The rise of walmart is because of stuff, cheap stuff. Now you can have everything you never knew you wanted by harnessing the power of cheap Chinese labor. This wacked out consumerist economy will eventually crash and we'll probably replace it with a ecological remediation economy. How else are we all going to survive with all the toxic waste we excrete as rampant consumers?? Or a super virulent E. Coli strain will sweep the planet leaving us in vomitus ruin. Cheers.