Monday, October 17, 2005

recipe for mass extinction

"Would you like a paper or plastic bag?" This question I ask hundreds of times a day in my current role as cashier in an upscale Boulder health food store. Which occasionally gets a confused response about which bag is the best choice. It's nice to think that deciding between a paper or plastic bag really makes a difference in the state of the environment. Once again I'll state my beliefs, the Gaian mind knew what it was doing when it created us. Everything we are is part of the plan. This six billion human lives is a temporary situation, allowed to happen for some other purpose besides continued physical existence in an ever upward increase in lifestyle conveniences and luxury. We're living at the top of the heap here in Boulder. Life on this plane isn't going to get any better than this. And, the six billion people will not be living this lifestyle ever!

So having any dilemma over a paper or plastic bag at this stage of the game is useless. Stopping all technological damage is futile. The hand of mankind is heading for the fire and we can't stop it. The trajectory is cast, the painful burn is there and now all we can do is pull back, maybe. This is not about blaming anybody. We're all in this together and we've all had a hand in the current state of the world. Our leaders are just reflections of the collective mind. Some suggest that our collective mind has been hijacked by alien influence. It doesn't really matter. Love is really what it's all about. Being problem solving creatures we've created quite a problem for ourselves. It's now time to create a global tribe or at least global respect and love as much as possible. There is no where else to go. No new continents to discover and conquer and no savior is going to save us. We now have to face ourselves. Full on, sober without delusions or perish, period.