Thursday, September 06, 2007

The best water pick

I actually found this product last year in a search for a travel water pick. Its really simple and requires no electricity. The only draw back is it will probably only work in the United States, however I haven't checked faucets in other countries so I may stand corrected at some point.  This model is called the Quick Breeze and you replace the faucet aerator with the supplied one and the water pick clips on in 2 seconds. Boom, instant water pick. I've done this at friends houses when visiting and no one was even aware of it. Its not easy enough for just a few days visit but if you're going to be somewhere for a few weeks then I'd say go for it. Sometimes you might need a pair of pliers to remove the old aerator and to tighten the Oral Breeze aerator enough so it doesn't leak. This is not made for travel per say and I also recommend the Oral Breeze for your home as well. No moving parts. Will probably last a lifetime!