Friday, September 02, 2005

the planet is bigger than man

As sad as the loss of life and property is in New Orleans, really, is anybody suprised. Another fine example of human arrogance. If you build a city no matter what size BELOW sea level in a hurricane prone region, the consequences are obvious. Maybe not in 20 years, maybe not in 50 or 100 or even 300 but at some point a big enough storm will delineate the difference between human and planet. We never have and we never will be able to control the planet. Most people live in denial (myself included). It's not wrong, its a way to deal with the uncertainty of life which is ever present. No matter how much money was spent by the city of New Orleans there still would have been massive destruction. The mayor of New Orleans is simply pointing the finger at the US government. Then on a radio interview from the BBC website he goes and spouts some lame christian rethoric about how the people not helping would be in deep trouble with god. Uh, excuse me but where was God during the storm? Maybe God destroyed New Orleans like Sodom and Gamorah! Actually, just like I said before there isn't any Messiah because we don't need saving. Everything is happening just as it should. We were created in the image of God, which means we are creative spirit beings having a physical experience with the option to create heaven or hell on earth. So far we've got the hell part down pretty good. It remains to be seen if we'll get the heaven part down. I'm willing to take responsibility for my part of the hell equation. And I'm the first to say I don't have an answer. Its just my observation I'm offering here.