Saturday, April 26, 2008

Get out of my way fool, I'm enlightened

Hitch a ride to freedom with the NY Times best seller "get out of my way fool, I'm enlightened". I. B. Wisdom's new book shows you how to "jump to the front of the line through the power of radiant light". With verbal aplomb not seen since Jesus, Wisdom takes us on an exhilarating ride of conversational repartee and Jedi like skill that leaves slack jawed yokels standing back in awe as he takes over whatever situation he's in. Voted in High School as the least likely to have a third eye, Wisdom shatters the "meek shall inherit the earth" myth with balls to the wall spiritual muscle flexing which leaves Arnold Schwarzenegger. claiming "I'm a girly man". "When I realized I could knock people over with my halo, I immediately surrendered my power over to the highest good and this book was born.", so states Wisdom in the intro. Regardless of your spiritual inclination, Get out of my way fool, I'm enlightened is destined to become a new thought classic.
~phoenix ashvaganda papa ya rama

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Sattwa said...

this is one of my favorite Phoenix gigs!