Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Drugs, just for the

I know that I shouldn't judge anything as we all know the JC admonition "as ye judge so also shall ye be judged", but I just could help pointing out a site that really gets my healthy goat. I am an advocate of whole unprocessed organic foods and a follower of natural health principles. The last thing I want in my body is western scientific pharmaceuticals.  In all fairness I won't say they are all bad. In fact many of the modern scientific breakthroughs have afforded us a sort of golden period free from horrible diseases and new discoveries are being made all the time. However, antibiotic resistant super-bugs are making their appearance because of the over use and over dependance on antibiotic drugs.  I too am a fan of instant gratification and the "just fix me" school of healing wherein I don't have to do anything but take the drug. The Evil lies in the manipulation of the masses via slick advertising for prescription drugs. So to see a site like this one making western scientific pharmaceuticals look healthy, happy, fun and cool is sad indeed. But of course I am also an advocate for taking responsibility for your health and those who choose to trust GIANT drug companies with their health have that right. If you're ready to take back your health here are a few good sites. -

Health, wealth and happiness to all no matter what path you choose

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